5 Tips to Keeping your Bedroom Clutter-Free!

These smart tips are so easy that ANYONE can do them. Your significant other will be AMAZED at how organized you & your bedroom suddenly appear. Follow these guidelines & you’ll be less likely to lose things. Plus you’ll enjoy what you have and you’ll save valuable time & energy daily!


  1. Put away all of your clothes. This means that clean clothes go in the closet or dresser, hung or neatly folded. Spend the extra few seconds to put things away so that piles do not build up. The payoff is big in terms of neatness and room “curb” appeal.
  2. Keep a hamper in the bedroom for dirty clothes. Never throw dirty clothes on the floor. In fact, keep as little as possible on the floor. This makes tasks like vacuuming (and in extreme cases walking in the bedroom) that much easier. Keep a trash can handy, too, and be sure to use it when emptying pockets of unwanted receipts, etc.
  3. If you own too much, declutter! Too many things can become a burden as you run out of space for items. Plus, the overflow can make you forget what you have. Get rid of what you don’t wear, need, want, or use. Donate, sell, give-away, or toss. Do this regularly. Get non-used apparel and accessories out of the house so you’ll have less clutter to manage. Give the good clothes in the closet a chance to breathe, so that your wearables won’t turn musty.
  4. Don’t bring miscellaneous items into the bedroom. Keep work stuff in the office, store toiletries in the bathroom, leave food items in the kitchen, etc. Always use things in the room(s) in which you store them. This makes it much easier and less overwhelming to put items away. Miscellaneous items also include knick-knacks, an excess amount of books, accessories, etc.
  5. Make your bed and tidy up as soon as you awaken each day. Our motto: Rise & Shine & MAKE YOUR BED!! Why? This will make you feel like your day got off to an amazing start. It will also boost your sense of pride & organization.



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