6 Tips to Eliminate Holiday Stress!

Feel like you’re heading for a holiday meltdown? Try these stress reducing techniques to ensure an enjoyable holiday season!

Take care of yourself

Take a warm shower. Believe it or not, showering can help some people feel better. It makes some people happy enough to croon, hence it’s why people enjoy singing in the shower! The warmth of the water is soothing, the smell of the shampoo and soaps is delightfully pleasing, and you are alone and at peace. While a cold shower can shock and energize you, a warm shower has a relaxing effect, both physically and mentally. If you prefer, take a bath instead. Soak with lavender to calm frayed nerves. To energize, try a splash of peppermint or rosemary essential oils. Be sure to mix oils well, since they can irritate skin. A scented candle works well too!


Sing the song “Let it Go!” Convince yourself not to sweat the small stuff. If your mother-in-law comments that your turkey is too dry, let it go. If your sister shows up late for Christmas dinner, let it go. If your house is a tad bit messy, let it go. Refuse to let other people get under your skin. You can’t control people, but you can control the way you react to people and situations. The little things in life are not that important in the grand scheme of things, so let it go.


Take off your shoes. It may sound strange, but according the Chinese medicine, feet have numerous meridian points that are powerful in regulating and maintaining good health. According to the theory of reflexology, the study of feet pressure points, every part of the body is connected to one of the pressure points on the feet. By removing shoes indoors for the day, it helps to open the meridian points on the feet and thus promotes good health and well-being.

Eat healthy

Avoid unhealthy foods and excessive drinking during the holidays. With all of the holiday parties, it’s easy to overindulge in unhealthy food, cocktails, wine, desserts and more! This can wreak havoc on one’s body. Instead, choose what to eat and drink carefully. If you wish to indulge, choose portion sizes thoughtfully. Watch alcohol consumption, as it is easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking. And, as always, never drink and drive.

Set a budget


Financial stress is a big problem for most people around the holidays. There are several things you can do to avoid financial stress. Watch what you spend, set a budget, and think of thoughtful ways to cut back. If you have to tap your credit card to buy gifts, you are overdoing it. Tell friends and family that you can’t exchange this year and don’t feel guilty about it. There is no need to spoil kids at Christmas time. Your love and attention are most important. A few thoughtful gifts are much better than a ton of gifts which go unappreciated. If you lack the funds to buy your kids gifts, reach out to a local community group for help. Then, be sure to give back by helping others in the future when you’re financially able.

Play a Game

Don’t get so obsessed with decorating the tree, setting the table, or shopping for gifts, that you  forget to enjoy the holiday spirit. Pick a day or evening and set the table with a game or two. Make some grilled cheese and tomato soup or cookies and hot chocolate, and spend some time around the table. If you have very young children, put them to bed before starting a game. Older children and teens are sure to want to join in on the fun with games, such as Clue, Mexican Train, Uno, or a fun card game of Chicken Foot.


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