Merrick Garland nominated for Supreme Court

President Barack Obama announced today that his nomination for supreme court justice will be Merrick Garland, a Jewish federal appeals court judge. If elected, he will replace the seat left vacant last month at the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Republicans have said that no matter who is nominated, they will not consider any nominee chosen by Obama. Instead, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell wants the new president to make that nomination. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan agrees and said that “the president has every right to make this nomination, and the Senate has every right not to confirm a nominee.”

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  1. Tonyk says:

    I have watched Barack Obama decimate the Constitution using the influence of the High Office that he holds for seven long years.
    This man has lowered the American prestige that I have come accustom to enjoy in my life as an American.
    This has been much to my dismay!
    This man ( Obama) touted as some kind of a genius can do little more than read from a teleprompter prepared sentences and speeches,
    Obviously this is not what the American people thought he was when he was voted in twice!
    The Democrat Party has moved so far to the left in virtually everything that my dad a very strong Democrat would be appalled at what this man and his Paarty has done to not only to the Constitution but to America too!
    Obama has attempted to abuse his power yet another time by trying to push through this ne Supreme Court Justice same as Obamacare doing his best to get consent of the American people through persuasion and humiliation and accusation saying the the Senate “must do their job” and appoint his choice!!
    Then he’ll go play golf for a few hours!!
    Just a few years ago when the tables were turned he said just the opposite and Joe Biden agreed handily that any appointment to the Supreme Court should be done by the new President not the lame duck one!
    Conveniently a turn of fate and a turn of the tables.
    It’s become such a show of child like behavior that is a disgrace.
    These people are supposed to be adults and do adult things not 3rd. grade stuff.
    No doubt had this President been white and abused the Constitution like Obama there would be public outcry like never before.
    Today they are portraying (the professional protestors) Donald Trump with Hitler mustaches on their signs and their crowds cheer is like watching a mockery protest from the Middle East.
    Then there is poor Bernie Sanders ! Give me a break!
    Free everything! Where does this free money and resources come from Bernie? We are Broke Bernie what part of Broke do you not understand?

    Hillary will likely and should spend the rest of her golden years in prison for unforgivable atrocities and behaviors. Four American deaths based on her deceitful lie regarding what led up to the Burning of the Libian Embassy all for political gain and agenda strengthing. Remember how they criticized G. W. Bush on the we propane of mass destruction based on intelligence. that man was crucified publicly with media coverage and was basically sent home to Texas under humiliation and I agree he was not the best president but his decisions were based on intelligence from the CIA and the FBI not some created film depicting atrocities like ole Hillary embraced!
    If elected President, and assuming she would implement four more years of Barack Obama policies this Country is toast finished and will never recover.even close to what it is today. This is so very important that your very future depends on being truthful and rational s mu=y suggestion is to turn off the television until Election Day and forget what you’ve been told by these charlatans so the voters better wake up and start thinking or their ability to protest will only be allowed by some dictator that they can’t even pronounce their name! It’s coming folks unless you wake up!
    You cannot imagine the misery and mess another 4 years of this type of idiocy will do to us
    It’s an embarrassment and I am ashamed of it all and wish it could be on an adult level without all the childish behavior and name calling

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