The Art of Furniture Re-Arranging: Interview with a Home Stager


Craving a new look for your home but low on funds? Simply swap furniture from room to room. Maryann did this in her home and she was very pleased with the end results.

Jill: I am a home stager. That means I prepare private residence for sale in the real estate market to make homes appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. Your house is not for sale, yet you made some desirable changes inside your home on your own by rearranging pieces of furniture. What inspired you?

Maryann: I grew tired of the ho-hum way my house looked. I didn’t want to spend money on new furniture since mine was in good shape. I looked around and thought hmmm… I wonder what I can do to change up the place. Then I got the idea to swap key pieces of furniture and some accessories between the den and the living room to give those rooms a fresh look.

Jill: When I stage, I visualize how things will look in the space before I move anything. Did you do that?

Maryann: Yes. I took a good look at the pieces of furniture in each room and began envisioning different configurations. I wanted to go a little eclectic, so I decided to move the white sofa from the living room into the den first. I kept the two leather chairs in the den to break up the sets and to create a cozy sitting space.

Jill: Any tips to share?

Maryann: Yes. Before moving heavy sofas, carry the sofa cushions into the room to see if the colors and textures work in the space. Since my couches are neutral, and neither is extremely formal or casual, I knew it was a win-win situation.

Jill: Did you measure the couches and the rooms to see if they’d fit?

Maryann: Yes. I also measured the doorways to make sure the couches could make it through.

Jill: From my experience as a stager, I know that you can refresh a room by moving smaller pieces of furniture and accessories. What motivated you to trade your sofas?

Maryann: I wanted a high impact change. and I knew that would bring about more dramatic results.

Jill: What was your favorite thing about breaking up your furniture sets and rearranging your rooms?

Maryann: I grew tired of the matched and symmetrical look. I wanted coziness.

Jill: Was it hard to move the furniture?

Maryann: We used furniture sliders to move the furniture, but someone strong helped to lift the pieces.

Jill: Your den is very inviting. What is key to achieving this effect?

Maryann: I wanted to create a warm area where people could hold conversations, sit by the fire, or read. I softened up the room with plants and simple accessories such as a tray, candlesticks, and decorative books to make it feel welcoming. I also added pillows.

Jill: Are you happy with the results?

Maryann: Yes! Our family and friends love the new look, too. Some thought I got new furniture. They were surprised when I told them that it is the same old stuff in new configurations. Best of all, I did it for free!


  • If swapping big pieces is not an option, try swapping accessories such as photos, picture frames, or small home décor pieces such as candlesticks.
  • Swap curtains, or add or remove them for a new look.
  • Swap pillows or throw blankets to change up the colors of your rooms.
  • Swap décor items with a trusted friend or relative for a new look!

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