10 Easy Steps to Organizing your Junk Drawers

New to organizing?  Why not begin with your junk drawer!

Practically everyone who owns a home has a junk drawer.  Most times it is located in the busiest part of the household, the kitchen.  If you run a busy home, your junk drawer becomes a catch-all space prone to clutter.   Despite the ill-fitting name, a junk drawer should not contain junk.  It should be a useful space in your home to contain small odds-and-ends of usefulness and importance.  A disorganized junk drawer makes helpful items hard to find.  So, it’s important to get it together!


    1. EMPTY CONTENTS – Unload the inside of the drawer onto a clean work surface. This will enable you to clearly see all of the contents.
    2. WIPE OUT BOTTOM OF DRAWER – Use a clean, damp rag to collect the dust. If the drawer bottom is permanently stained, consider cutting a shelf-liner to size and insert it into the drawer.3.
    3. DISCARD JUNK – Sort through contents and discard anything that is trash, expired, useless, and unwanted, etc. Only keep items you’ll use or need.
    4. RETURN FOREIGN ITEMS TO THEIR PROPER PLACE – Sometimes we get lazy and throw stuff into our junk drawers that doesn’t belong there. Returned items to their proper homes if they don’t belong in the drawer.  HINT: Keep things in the room in which you use them. For example, a hair comb belongs in a bathroom, not in a kitchen.
    5. TEST QUESTIONABLE ITEMS – Test pens, batteries, etc. before saving them. Immediately throw away items that are broken, don’t work etc.
    6. SORT THROUGH & GROUP LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER – After you’ve decided what stays and what goes, group small like items together. Make piles of rubber bands, candles, paper clips, etc. on your work surface.
    8. LABEL CONTAINERS IF YOU CAN’T SEE THROUGH– -through containers are optimal. Most times clear containers can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores. We suggest them because it makes it easy to reach what you’re looking for. If you choose darker containers or boxes to store items, clearly label what’s inside.
    9. NEATLY RETURN ITEMS TO DRAWER – Place your larger storage dividers in place, followed by the smaller containers. Be mindful to lay things out in a visually pleasing manner.
    10. RENAME YOUR JUNK DRAWER – By giving it a more appropriate name, such as the “Useful Drawer”, you and your family may be far more likely to keep it clean and junk-free.                                                                             Happy Organizing!  

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