21 Day Sugar Challenge

Ever wonder why you experience a “sugar high” or temporary boost in energy after consuming foods or beverages with loads of sugar? The culprit;  the unnatural speed in which carbohydrates and refined sugars are changed into glucose. This in turn causes a drastic spike in your blood sugar. Symptoms of the resulting “crash” following a sugar high typically include extreme fatigue, hunger pangs and sometimes even anxiety. To compensate, we devour even more sugar and the crazy cycle begins again. However, when you eat foods  like vegetables and grains, the process is a lot slower, and healthier. Study after study confirms that any added sugar is bad for your body!

Sugar is found naturally in many foods. But it’s the hidden, added sugar that wreaks havoc in our bodies. American adults consume over 22 teaspoons of sugar daily, and for teens that number jumps to a whopping 34 teaspoons. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 6 teaspoons for women and 9 for men; but keep in mind, this is a maximum amount and there is no recommended daily allowance for added sugar.

If you are looking for dramatic and immediate health benefits, completely eliminate added sugar for the next 21 days. Watch and see how your body reacts as you consume sugar naturally. Choose only unprocessed foods, meats, vegetables and fruits, and replace soda with water.

Immediate Health Benefits

YOUTHFUL SKIN & PRETTY TEETH! The mirror doesn’t lie. Sugar causes a breakdown in two important skin proteins; elastin and collagen. By getting rid of sugar, your protein fibers retain the ability to keep your skin elastic and firm.  But it doesn’t stop there. Studies show that acne can also be helped by eliminating sugar from your diet.  And because excess sugar can promote sun damage to your skin by deactivating your natural antioxidant enzymes, eliminating sugar will give your body a fighting chance when you are out in the sun. Sugar, even the natural kind, causes tooth decay. Make sure to brush at least twice a day.

MORE ENERGY! Cutting, or preferably eliminating excess sugar will provide your body with the ability to sustain a constant energy level without the highs and lows.  Within one week, you will likely experience less irritability, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and brain fogginess. Over time, you will sleep better and your heart will also appreciate the long term benefits of eliminating sugar in your diet.

WEIGHT LOSS! Sugar is a huge contributing factor to obesity.  Processed foods contain high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and there is mounting evidence that the liver turns a surplus of fructose into fat. Sugar is also concentrated in foods so we tend to overeat on the sugary foods that taste good. It is important to start reading food labels and compare sugar levels. Cutting down or eliminating fast foods, sodas and sugary drinks, as well as processed foods, will provide you with noticeable weight loss within one week.  Drink plenty of water and choose fruits, veggies or nuts as snacks.

SUGAR CHECKTo check the number of teaspoons (tsp) of sugar in your food, find the total grams of sugar and divide that number by 4.  (4.2g = 1 teaspoon)

EX: Energy Drink =52g (grams) of sugar divided by 4= 13 teaspoons of sugar

*Results May Vary


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