3 Bass Fishing Tips

Fish During the Pre-Spawn: The best time for bass fishing is during the largemouth pre-spawn. The pre-spawn starts in spring when the water temperature gets to be between 55-65 degrees. At this temperature is when both male and female bass move to shallow areas, start aggressively feeding and looking for the best place to nest. During this period, fisherman can actually locate bass right from shore, that’s how close they get. This is the best time to get a trophy bass! It is important to remember to catch and release female bass, so they can complete their spawn and continue the cycle of life for bass. However, bass fisherman know that summer and fall can also be great times to make a great catch!

Know the Habits of Bass: The type of weather indicates where bass may, or may not be. When the sun is out and shinning bright, bass will look for shelter. When it’s cloudy with little or no sun, bass come out of their protective shelter. When it’s sunny out, you’ll want to fish near shaded areas where bass might go for shelter, especially in the heat of the summer.

Fish at the Right Time of Day: The best time to fish for bass is the first few early hours of the morning or the last few hours going into the evening. Bass will feed during the afternoon time if it happens to be a cloudy day or if the water is muddy. Try to get to your favorite fishing hole about an hour before sunup or an hour before sunset.

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