3 Reasons you’re NOT losing weight!

You step on the scale and boom… you haven’t lost weight! You exercise, but the results are just not there!

Here are a few reasons why!

You’re not getting enough sleep

Many studies show a clear correlation between our sleep habits and our ability to lose weight. Not only that, but studies also indicate that women who sleep 5 hours or less per night may actually gain weight. Healthy adults require a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night to maximize the effects of our metabolism, the intricate system of processes in our bodies that keep us healthy and alive. A good night’s sleep allows your body to create cortisol, a hormone that regulates our appetites. It give us enough energy to keep up with the stress and activities of our daily lives. It also keeps us mentally healthy.

TIP: Try taking a warm shower before bed. Shut down electronic devices and make sure your room is cool and dark. Turn on a fan if the noise helps to woo you into slumber.

Excessive Stress

Excessive stress occurs when we become overwhelmed with a situation or event. Stress manifests itself in physical, emotional, or behavioral ways such as physical illness, headaches, infections, lack of sleep, changes in eating patterns, depression, or anger. This is also a time when we are just not able to lose weight, despite the fact that we are not eating. It is important to recognize the factors that trigger our stress so that they can be addressed. Addressing stress can include removing the stress from our lives for a time, such as taking a day off from work, taking a break from volunteering, or asking for help. Taking up a hobby or joining a club can help add a social aspect to your life that may have been neglected.

TIP: Many people find that counseling helps offer stress relief through the act of talking about the situation with an unbiased party. Counselors can often provide resources for various stress relief techniques that include: prayer, acupuncture, or massage therapy. If you are a caregiver, a counselor can direct you to the resources available to help you cope with the stress that comes from caring for a loved one. Addressing the issue is very important because long-term exposure to excessive stress can cause over-all ill health.

Eating too much

This may seem obvious, but many people do not realize that they are eating too much. Ongoing excessive food consumption means you are not able to lose weight even if you are exercising, de-stressing, and getting enough sleep. Check your habits. Are going back for second or third helpings? Do you grab a cookie from the cookie jar each time you walk by? Maybe you nibble as you cook, or eat when you read without paying attention to the amount of food you have eaten. Our metabolisms slow down as we grow older and we are often left with feeling of shame because it seems that we like to eat more than ever.

TIP Investing in a portion size plate is a good idea if you find yourself going back for more food. However, you can also use your own hand to help! For instance, a healthy food portion of chicken breast, beef, fish, or pork should fit into the palm of a medium size adult hand and equals about 3 oz. Vegetables can take up the space the size of your open palm, while grains and starches should take up the space the size of your fist.

Make sure you choose healthier snacks too! Grab a handful of grapes instead of chips, and opt for a cup of greek yogurt instead of an ice cream sundae! Then take a short, brisk walk and soon you’ll see the pounds start to drop off!

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