3 Simple but Delightful Staycation Ideas!

Sometimes our busy schedules or constraints on our budgets do not allow for travel to far-away places. We may also have personal commitments, such as caring for a loved one that make travel impossible. However, when long-distance travel is not practical, you may not have to give up a lovely “vacation” day in the comfort of your own home.

A staycation is a vacation at home. It can be one night, a whole day, a weekend, or longer. Here are a few tips to making a fun-filled “staycation” right in your own town!

Visit your Town

Pretend that you are telling a visitor about the things to do in your neck of the woods. What are the places in your town that may interest a newcomer? Think food, entertainment, sights, and unique history. Are there wonderful things about where you live that you have taken for granted? If so, revisit some of the places and sights that make your town a great place to live. If your budget allows, a visit to a local theatre may be a special treat. You can try a new restaurant or visit a local museum. Even school sporting events are a fun way to celebrate community and take a break from your daily routines.

Stay at Home

If your staycation will be an all-inclusive stay at your own home, plan ahead to make the day or weekend feel extra special. For instance, decide on the activities you would like to engage in such as game night, grilling out, or watching the sun set. Plan meals around the activities and add an extra staycation treat such as s,mores or a cocktail after dinner. Meal planning ahead and freezing meals means more time to relax on your day off. Commit to reading a new book, having a conversation without interruption, or simply relaxing alone.

Themed Staycation

If you only have time for a one-night event, why not plan a themed evening. Many towns have painting shops that offer group rates for painting parties. They supply the canvas, wine, and the paint. You can also create the same theme at home with a create-your-own-art night. Simply invite a few family members or friends over to paint. You can purchase blank canvas at a local craft store or on-line and use a piece of art as the inspiration for the piece. Serve flavored water and ask everyone to bring an appetizer.

A staycation is not only about what you do, it is a commitment to spending time to relaxing and enjoying your unique town, home, and family and friends.


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