3 Tips to Finding the Idols in your Life!

Idols. The mere word conjures up images of idols of Biblical proportion. From golden calves to Asherah poles, the Bible is full of old-world idolatry. Despite what we may think, most of us actually have a few idols in our own lives today!

First, what is an idol? An idol is anything that takes the place of a relationship with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Not only do idols include false gods, such as Buddha or Ganesh, but they can include modern intrusions, such as social media.

Here are a few tips to identifying the idols in your life!


First, determine what you think about. Many times, we can find idols by identifying the objects that occupy our daily thoughts. Are you constantly checking your phone to make sure you didn’t miss a call  or a message? Do you complain about your money situation or your spouse? Does the bad news that is broadcast daily have you thinking that the world is without hope? Do you brag about your house, your job, or your kids? Do you engage in gossip? If so, any of these things can become an idol if they are put before your relationship with God. Even things that are good for you in moderation can become bad for you when they become something you place ahead of God. Think about what you are thinking about, and when your thoughts don’t align with God’s word as found in the Bible, it’s time to turn to the Bible to get back on track.


Who or what do you go to for comfort? This is often a key indicator of people or things that can become an idol in your life. Many times, we put relationships ahead of our relationship with God. Or, we seek comfort in food, drugs, sex, alcohol, hobbies, sports, or anything that gives us a “good” feeling, however fleeting. If God is not the first person you go to for comfort and guidance, you may have an idol that needs to be removed from your life.


Consider how you spend your time. In order to have a good perspective on life, God should be the first consideration in everything you do. If social media, sports, music, shopping, relationships, or anything else looks to take the place of God in your life, it is time to remove it. Begin by keeping track of how your spend your time; from the minute you wake, until you lay down to sleep. God wants good things for you, but He needs the first of your time, not the last.

For more information on how to identify and remove the idols in your life that are keeping you from having the fullest relationship with God, read Kyle Idleman’s gods at war.

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