3 Ways to Make the Most of Spring!

Spring is a season of rebirth. It’s a time when birds sing, flowers bloom, the grass grows greener, and people are re-energized to conquer new tasks and get their homes and lives in order.

The fresh air stimulates people to renew interest in their homes and themselves. Positive changes can include conquering clutter and improving the methods in which we accomplish tasks to become more efficient!

There are many benefits to getting a fresh start; including those which are physical and mental:

Clear clutter to clear the mind – Review what you have. Make 5 piles; keep, donate, sell, give to a friend, or throw away. When going through your wardrobe, mainly keep only what fits and the clothes you feel confident wearing. Donate what doesn’t fit and things you don’t like to wear that are in good condition. Discard ripped or stained clothing. Go closet by closet, starting in your smallest space first to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Or, go room by room and “let go” of items that you don’t use or need. In the kitchen, remove doubles which hog up space, such as two food processors which you rarely use. Consider donating furniture which serves little to no purpose and makes the room feel cramped. You’ll find that as you remove clutter, you’ll free up space in which to relax and unwind.

Spring cleaning to freshen your space – There’s something inspiring and gratifying about doing a deep spring cleaning. So many times we rush to tidy-up, doing a quick swipe or cleanup job. We forget to check under the couch cushions or behind the armoire, where dust can gather and build. Spring cleaning allows you to do a thorough top-to-bottom house cleaning. Think floor to ceiling. Shampooing the carpet allows for a chance to move and rearrange some furniture. Rearranging furniture and/or accessories can make what’s old feel new again. If allergies aren’t an issue, be sure to open windows and let the fresh air indoors. Should you have allergies, or the pollen count is high in your area, keep windows closed. Vacuum house using a machine with a HEPA filter. (Read Gimme Info’s Got spring allergies? Why use a HEPA filter vacuum) Pollen levels can be check online at https://weather.com/health/pollen.

Organizing a routine to stay well-balanced – If you are overwhelmed with your schedule, the spring is the optimal season to make changes. Write down your monthly schedule. Prioritize what’s important and scale back on the things which are less significant. (It’s okay to say “no” from time to time if you have too much on your plate.) Be sure to schedule in some “me” time to read a book, walk on the beach, garden, or head to the gym. Your schedule should include spending time doing what you enjoy. Making time for yourself is of primary importance. Consider taking shortcuts, such as buying cupcakes for the bake sale rather than baking, when short on time.


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