4 Fabulous ways to bring Autumn to your décor!

Autumn is a good time of year to start some home improvement and decorating projects! Add fabulous fall colors with these décor ideas!


Painting walls is one of the most visible and impactful ways to add color to any room. However, it’s time consuming and costly to paint, so you’ll want to avoid making color mistakes. If you wish to add an autumnal feel, opt for soft tones in the brown, orange, red, or gold family. Tan, or a pale tone of brown, is often an optimal shade to choose because it evokes the feeling of nature (perhaps reminding one of oak bark) and compliments other colors without overwhelming a room. Use orange, red, or gold sparingly and avoid shades which are too bold. This is especially true if you will be putting your home on the market.  When in doubt, test your paint color on a clean and dry wall surface that is blemish free. Always apply two coats using a bristle or sponge brush. If you remain uncertain of your choice after painting test areas, try a lighter shade in the same color family for comparison’s sake. Still unable to commit? That shade is likely not for you. Don’t give up; simply repeat the testing process with another fall shade until you feel confident and content.


A bold piece of furniture is a unique way to add color to any room. It works as a statement piece, drawing one’s eyes into the space and inviting positive attention. Why use autumnal colors? They add richness and warmth. Most experts suggest that colorful furniture be limited to one piece, such as a couch, to serve as the room’s focal point. A bold colored couch in a shade of blue, for example, is reminiscent of the sky on a bright and cheery autumnal day. Or, shades of red may bring vibrant fall leaves to mind. Deep shades, when used properly in rooms, evoke feelings of comfort. Interestingly, a single bold focal point adds a stronger element of drama to a room than adding multiple pieces. Other elements should fade into the background and the remaining interior should have a neutral or non-competitive background. This helps to avoid overstimulation or making the room feel too busy. When choosing a couch, in addition to color, pay attention to style, size, structure, and comfort. The couch should fit the space. If possible, first bring home a swatch of the color to make sure it is what you want. Avoid impulsive purchases and stick with a solid color. Avoid dizzying patterns that may quickly appear dated.


Adding accessories to any room ups the pizzazz and wow factor. It’s a cautious way to turn a boring and ordinary room into one that looks professionally designed. Incorporating accessories into a room is a money-conscious way to add depths of interest and color. This includes and is not limited to pieces such as throw pillows, window treatments, lamps, knick-knacks, blankets, photos, candles, table runners, and paintings. Add autumnal splashes to a room with gold, wood, and fall accents. To ensure success, be sure to follow a few simple and important decorating rules. Keep your background neutral, use key pieces to attract attention, stick with a theme, and consider color, textures, materials, shapes, and sizes when choosing accent pieces. Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to add changeable, seasonal color and style to a room. When adding accents this time of year, think of a fall color palette. Concentrate on a single color from a mum plant, such as stellar purple or daisy red. Shop around for a few pieces containing the shade you’ve chosen. For example, if you’ve chosen brown; consider buying brown plaid sofa pillows with tan, browns, or rusts which complement your theme. Follow the rules of nature by using odd number of items in arrangements, such as a display of three varied shaped vases of the same color. Add fall twigs with colorful leaves or small branches with pinecones to your display.


The changing leaves make the fall season one of the most colorful seasons of the year. Play it up and let the outdoors be your focal point. Frame a window with a valance and let all eyes be drawn to the beautiful landscape, such as a yard full of trees, a garden, or a lake or mountain scenery. No outdoor view? No worries. Play up your mantle by adding a large fall themed painting or photograph. The picture can be as simple as a wooden park bench covered in orange leaves, a winding path surrounded by vibrant deciduous trees, or a fall fruit or nut bearing tree. Avoid Halloween themes and opt for pictures that can carry you past October 31st and through November. As nights grow colder and autumn gives way to winter, your thoughtful decorating choices will make your home feel warm and cozy throughout the pleasurable fall season.


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