4 Painful Conditions for Cats

Cats are clever, coy, and independent. Many times, it is hard to tell if something is bothering them, even if they are in pain. As a cat parent, make sure to pay attention to these clues that your kitty is not feeling like herself!


If your kitty seems to strain when she pees, squats more often than usual, or if she licks excessively, she may have a urinary tract infection. Despite the fact that she may not cry, or have blood in her urine, UTI’s are painful for cats. The average treatment for a kitty UTI is between $250 and $400, depending on your location and the type of medication prescribed.


Cats can experience the painful symptoms of arthritis but they may go unnoticed since he is covered in fur. As the cartilage breaks down, the bone-on-bone pain may make it hard for your cat to jump, climb, or move around quickly. If you notice swelling, or if your cat appears to be having a difficult time getting up and down, call your vet. Average treatment costs for arthritis are about $200.

Eye Ulcers

If your cat is squinting repetitively or experiences excessive tearing in one or both eyes, she may have an eye ulcer. This means that the layers of her cornea are damaged. She may also avoid light, have red eyes, or keep her eyes closed. Call your vet to schedule an appointment. Treatment costs average $250.

Mouth Problems

Your cat may be in pain due to ulcers, sores, or inflammation due to teeth problems. If your kitty has bad breath, grinds her teeth, drools excessively, or has difficulty eating or swallowing, it’s time to visit the vet. Typical treatment for mouth disorders cost $250 to $350.

Any time your kitty exhibits behavior that is atypical, you should call your vet. Keep a list of her symptoms and keep track of the date the symptoms first appeared. If your pet drags his legs or has cold rear paws, this could indicate a dangerous condition called thrombosis, or blood clots, that require immediate attention.

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