4 Signs that your Dog may be Sick

Sometimes your pet might be sick and you may not notice right away. Watch for these silent indications that your dog might be sick!

Bad breath

Despite the fact that your dog’s breath never smells like minty toothpaste, but if you notice overly bad breath, this could indicate a health problem. Bad breath is typically due to bacteria stuck on your pet’s teeth. Brushing helps, but sometimes that bacteria can find its way into your dog’s nasal passage and on to the liver, heart, or kidneys. If left untreated, dogs can die. Ask your vet about brushing, and invest in toys and treats made specifically for doggie dental hygiene.

Droopy ears

If your dog has an ear infection, symptoms may vary depending on the infection site. To avoid hearing loss, take your vet to the doctors if you notice a bad smell coming from your dog’s ears. Other symptoms that could indicate a problem include discharge from the ear, redness, or ears that droop. Despite the absence of any symptoms, if your dog pulls away from you if you pet him on his ears, this may indicate the start of an infection.

Added weight

An ideal shape for a dog is an hourglass shape. There should be a distinct indent between his ribs and his hips. If he appears rounded, he is probably overweight, which could lead to diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, and other diseases. An overweight dog is less likely to be active, and the added weight can put stress on his bones. Overweight dogs are also prone to an early death.

Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy eyes could be an indication that your dog has cataracts, a covering over the eyes that cause blurry vision or other problems with sight. Cataracts can lead to blindness as vision becomes increasingly obstructed. Overweight dogs with diabetes may develop cataracts. Talk to your vet if you notice a difference in your dog’s eyes including; redness, puffiness, or an overall change in the shape of her eyes.

In addition to the above physical differences, any change in your dog’s behavior may mean he is sick. If your dog stops eating, has trouble walking, or experiences stomach problems, it’s time to call the vet!

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