5 Foods to Buy Organic!

The road to organics may be tough for some. Its hard to change cooking habits and the cost of organic alternatives may not be affordable! However, a little research suggests that these foods may be worth the extra cost!

5 organic foods that may be worth the extra cost!


Why? Because organic milk has a massive amount of hormones such as estrogen. Almost 20% of dairy cattle are given rBST or rBGH to stimulate milk production. However, people who consume this type of milk may be at risk for cancer due to elevated levels of a growth hormone called IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor. Many experts agree that children don’t need the added hormones, so splurging on organic milk is a good idea when kids are in the house.


Why? Beef from organic farms are hormone free, making them a healthy option for nights when beef is on the menu. Cattle raised on non-organic farms also have high levels of antibiotics, which experts say are a major cause of antibiotic resistance in humans.


Why? Strawberries, in particular, have very high levels of pesticides. Even when washed, they retain pesticides due to the bumpy crevices on their surface. Fruits and berries that are best eaten organically are those whose skin is also consumed, such as, cherries, apples, peaches, raspberries, and blueberries.


Some vegetables, especially the porous varieties – celery, spinach, potatoes, and bell peppers – top the chart with a high number of lingering pesticides. Replacing one or more of these can go a long way in reducing unnecessary pesticide exposure.

Extra Tip: Cookware coded with PTFE can set off toxic fumes when heated causing allergy-like lung symptoms. Instead, look for stainless steel, or ceramic cookware.

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