5 Ways to Pretty-Up your Outdoor Space

Don’t let chipped paint or rusted railings discourage you from venturing outdoors.

Turn your tired and worn out porch, entry, or patio into a shabby chic space with these easy and inexpensive tips!

Fresh Flowers

Nothing draws your eyes away from old patio furniture or cracked cement than a pop of fresh flowers. Whether you gather them from your garden, or grab a wild bunch from a nearby field, flowers can immediately enhance any space. The fun part about decorating with flowers is that you don’t have to fuss or spend any money. Simply search for a unique way to display them, such as arranging the flowers in an old watering can or a basket (add a diaper to the bottom of the basket to hold water and keep flowers fresh, longer). Even a glass soda pop bottle makes for a pretty and instant vase. If you live in the southwest, succulents are the perfect choice to add beauty and texture to your space.


You don’t have to splurge on outdoor furniture sets to add a cozy seating area to your outdoor space. Old or mismatched folding chairs can be renewed by adding a few colorful pillows. An old cement block can be transformed into a side table by placing a wood tray on top and adding a sprig of tied greenery. You can also repurpose old tires or tree stumps for functional and unique seating arrangements.


Old and broken chandeliers can get a new life when hung from a porch or a tree. Simply replace the light bulbs with small solar lights from the dollar store. Check the clearance section of your favorite stores for end-of-season bargains on solar powered string lighting sets that can be used indoors or out. They can be wrapped around a tree, porch railings, or around your entry door.


Adding accessories can prettify any space. Old wine bottles filled with twine, marbles, or small stones make a lovely table top accessory. Other ideas include: old wood trays, painted mason jars, or a basket of fresh or fake fruit. If you are a bird lover, and enjoy lots of birds diving in and out of your yard, a basket full of multi-colored yarn make a unique but useful accessory. Cut up the yarn into 5 inch strips and watch as birds “shop” there for yarn to use in their nests. Hang from a tree, or place on porch for a pretty conversation piece. Make sure to take the basket indoors if it rains. You can also use old suet feeders too.

For Some Kid Friendly Ideas…

Kids will enjoy making simple stepping stones with cereal boxes (make a box by taping the opening of the cereal box and cutting out the front side – pour a batch of some quick drying cement and add glass stones or painted rocks. You can even make a hand print in the cement and write the child’s name with a pencil. Visit www.innerchildfun.com.

An old tarp can be tied between two trees or between porch posts. Cut out five square or circle holes (one in the middle and four near each corner. Make a bean bag out of two zip lock bags filled with rice) and the kids can spend hours playing bean bag toss.

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