A Soak in the Tub

I walked into my master bath one evening after work, intent on spending an hour immersed in bubbly, hot water while sipping a cup of tea. I had envisioned lighting some strategically placed candles, their dancing flames and intoxicating scents providing instant relaxation and peace.

But walked towards the large, jetted tub, that lovely vision disintegrated before my eyes. When had my oasis become a dumping ground for old bath toys, headless Barbie dolls and miniature plastic tea cups? Teacups stuffed with dried play dough. Sigh. Heavy sigh. Determination ripped through me as I silently vowed to reclaim this space. Grabbing an empty laundry basket, I combed through my house, room by room, searching shelves and checking tables for anything that screamed “collection”. An hour later, my quest was complete.

Clutching my basketful of treasures, I re-entered my master bath and my gaze was drawn to the lone, faded towel thrown haphazardly over the rack. I suddenly remembered two towels I had purchased on sale, months before. Hmm. Where had I put them?  After spending another ten minutes hunting through my closet, I located the clearance find under a pile of clothes I had been meaning to donate. It’s ironic to note that one of my sisters is a professional organizer, but that is fodder for another post.

After clearing the area, I placed my collection around the tub then stepped back to peruse my work. Several pedestal candle holders and bird décor, along with some plain, rather ugly candles were nestled on the tub shelf. Again, I remembered another shopping trip! A local craft store had a small table of candle accessories on sale (who knew candles had accessories), and I had fallen instantly in love with them. I remembered I had stashed them in my lingerie drawer (not sure why) but I was very proud of myself for not forgetting where they were stored. All I had to do is push the pin into my old candles and voila, the unsightly lumps of wax were transformed into instant loveliness!

By then, I was too tired to fulfil my fantasy of a long soak but it dawned on me that neither good taste nor a degree in interior decorating is required to create a space that means something special. All you need is a little determination, creativity and the willingness to realize that sometimes a shower will suffice.


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