Adventures in Fishing Charters

Whether you are an expert angler or you are new to the sport, fishing charters are a great way to gain more first-hand knowledge about all aspects of fishing!

Fishing charters allow you to try new types of gear, to learn about different fish, or to explore unchartered territory.

When choosing the perfect charter, first determine your goals

What time of year do you want to take the trip, how far off the beaten trail do you want to go, and who will be involved in the trip. People new to the sport, those with health issues, and younger children, may not be capable of handling long trips or extreme conditions. Beginners may prefer a day trip, while seasoned adventure seekers may be looking for a weekend or week-long excursion. Also, make sure everyone has the proper gear for varying weather conditions. 

If you are seeking team-building experience, a fishing tournament might be a great fit. This type of trip is also a novel idea for a bachelor’s party or any type of group activity.

Where will you fish? Are you looking for a fresh water lake experience, deep sea fishing, or an adventure on the bayous?

Finally, you will want to consider the cost of the trip and what it entails. Typical charges include the cost of the boat and the guide fee. Food, beverages, or gear are typically not included and may not be available for purchase. Make sure to ask questions before the trip.

Get referrals

Referrals are the best way to gain information about the best type of charter trips. Make sure you ask someone with similar experience and tolerance for the outdoors. Other considerations include comparing trips that occur in the same season as your trip. However, don’t totally rely on someone else’s charter experience since weather changes or unforeseen circumstances can occur at any time.

Don’t forget

  • Licenses- make sure you are properly licensed or permitted – check state fishing requirements before your trip
  • Tipping – while not mandatory, it is customary to tip the crew about 15-20%
  • Medication – bring your regular medication and throw in some seasickness meds if you anticipate a rough trip
  • Sunscreen – wear it even if the weather is cold- sun reflecting on the water can cause a mean burn
  • Alcohol – ask about whether or not alcohol is permitted on your trip
  • Proper attire – leave the open-toed shoes at home. Make sure to wear layers and prepare for the unexpected such as rain
  • Cooler – make sure to bring a large cooler for your car if you will keep your catch

Good things come to those who bait!

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