Best Aerial Yoga Poses

Aerial yoga has been around for a while but is just starting to emerge from the fringes of society to become a more mainstream practice. Through the use of a hanging loop of silky material, aerial yoga extends the possibilities of traditional yoga and introduces new ways to get the best out of stretches, exercises and relaxation.

I went to Fly Studio in Toronto to do my first aerial yoga class, and came out wishing I could set up my own silk at home. It can take a bit of time to get used to performing yoga poses with the use of the silk (it will train your sense of balance like never before), but it produced the deepest stretches and best workout of any yoga practice I’ve ever done.

One of the biggest benefits of aerial yoga versus traditional is the fact that you can invert your relationship to gravity by hanging upside down. This does wonders for decompressing your spine and counteracting the common computer-screen slump that many of us suffer from. It also gets more blood flowing to your head, which actually left me feeling unusually energized and focussed.

Aerial yoga is ideal for those looking to deepen their stretches beyond what’s possible in traditional yoga, get a more thorough workout of key muscles, and achieve greater levels of relaxation. It’s also worth exploring for beginners who have trouble with yoga poses performed on a mat on the floor. With more freedom to move, it can help those with restricted mobility find poses that work much better for them.

Aerial Yoga

Holistic Wellness Retreats

There’s a big trend in the travel world: holistic wellness retreats. Playing off the idea that there is something to be gained in a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine, you can now travel to places like India or Bali for an immersive approach to wellness. These retreats are great for both body and mind, as physical classes taken during the day are complemented by beautiful surroundings, healthy foods, and traditions that put more emphasis on things like spirituality and natural healing.

Holistic retreats approach your mind and body as a whole system, each aspect dependent on the others. This makes good logical sense, since, for example, it’s useless to undertake a rigorous exercise regime if you don’t simultaneously eat a healthy diet.

Rest and relaxation is often what we aim to achieve on vacation anyway, but it doesn’t always happen. With your accommodation, activities, food, and drink all planned out, the only thing you need to worry about on a holistic wellness retreat is making the most of the opportunity physically and mentally. Many programs offer a totally tailored stay, designed to address your individual needs with a team of health experts. Sure, it’s pricey. But you decide: how much is your health worth?


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