Alone for the holidays?

If the thought of the upcoming holiday season is making you sad, you are not alone. Grief experts explain that this time of year is very hard for people who are alone, estranged from family, and for those who have lost a loved one. And if you are newly divorced, new in town, or first time empty-nesters, you may need some options on how to celebrate differently this year.

Here are a few suggestions for making this holiday the best one yet:

Invite  If you find yourself alone this year and wish you had someone to cook for, why not ask your church, co-workers, or friends to see if others will be alone too. Invite them and ask that everyone bring a dish to share!

Meet friends  Call some friends or even acquaintances and meet them for coffee at a local café. Getting together with others can be very comforting.

Cookie Exchange  Ask your neighbors over for a cookie exchange. Store bought or homemade. Serve with cucumber water, hot tea, or punch.

Donate  Grab a few friends and go shopping for inexpensive toys to bring to your local shelter or childrens’ home. Crayons, coloring books, small cars, and dolls make wonderful toys for the less fortunate children in your neighborhood.

Accept  Have you turned down invitations to holiday get-togethers in the past? Say yes this year!

Volunteer  Whether you serve dinner in at a homeless shelter or assist the elderly at a nursing home, spending time doing something for others is very fulfilling. Contact your local shelters or nursing homes to ask about ways you can serve.

Reconcile  If you are estranged from family or friends, you may wonder if reconciliation is possible. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response if you make an attempt to reconcile. If your invitation is ignored, or poorly received, at least you made the effort. Bravo!

And if you find yourself alone for the day, don’t despair! Read a good book, make a treat for yourself, watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, bake cookies, write a letter, or call a friend! We wish you a wonderful day!


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