Another Visit with Next Door Gardens

We met up with Jon Drageland of Next Door Gardens. Jon had just finished putting the finishing organic touches on a residential projects where he planted some cold tolerant avocado trees and some organic blueberry and raspberry bushes.

Jon’s secret? The bushes and root systems were soaked in a compost tea for about an hour before planting.

Once in the ground, he added peat, cow manure, and liquid kelp fish emulsion to the surrounding ground to ensure the best chance of success.

Sustainability & Repurposing Material Tips

  • Ask your local big box lumber store if they’ll give you their old shipping tarps. Many will part with them free of cost, and you can use them as weed-blockers for your next landscaping project.
  • Instead of purchasing costly trellis material, use fallen saplings and branches for a natural look.
  • Use old pantyhose to support growing cantaloupes on trellises -simply bag & hook them on the trellis for extra support

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