Avoid these Mistakes after Hooking a Trout!

We’ve talked to the experts who have given us their top three tips to avoid losing a trout once you’ve hooked him!

Unsecure Fly Line

Despite the fact that you probably know this, a reminder never hurts; be ready. Often times, we make a mistake by holding our fly line with only our stripping hand and lose the fish when we least expect it. To ensure this doesn’t happen, after presenting your fly, make it a habit to secure your fly line to avoid too much slack.

Too Much Tension

You don’t have to have a death grip on your rod to reel in a fighter. New anglers often make the mistake of pulling too hard resulting in a broken rod, or a lost fish. After the hook is set, keep a firm grip but be ready to let the line go if the fish starts a-swimmin’.

Fly line Stupid

Be sure to give the fighting trout a half-a-minute to pull, fight, and shake, before trying to manage your excess fly line. Once the fish calms a bit, regroup, then attempt to reel in. Remember, if you let the fish control you, you’ll most likely lose him. Be ready for the fish to make a sudden turn. Even though they might swim right at you when first hooked, they often make a U-turn in an attempt to break free.

Don’t forget the final battle. Newbies often get too cocky just before the fish is in their hands. Be patient and wait. This will increase your catch rate and you’ll be sure to have the trip of your dreams!

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