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It’s almost that time of year and before you know it your kids or grandkids will be heading back to school. School projects, homework assignments and art displays can quickly become paper clutter if you don’t have a storage plan, and the clutter multiplies if you have more than one child. Involved the kids and let them help label and decorate their folders.

First, if you don’t use a calendar, you may want to consider one, either in electronic or paper form, to keep track of all school related activities.

Next, choose a system that works for you. If you have one or more children who attend the same school, ride the same bus, eat the same lunch and have the same schedule etc., you may want to keep one general folder for main activities, announcements or lunch menus. If you have multiple options, a separate general folder for each child might be best.

Binder Method: Purchase a binder with several tabs. Insert one (or several) color coded folder(s) for each child.

File Stand Method: Purchase a file stand along with one (or several) colored file folder(s) for each child. (A file holder that hangs from the doorway works well too!)

General Folder: will contain important papers such as the annual registration packet or medication authorizations. It can also contain additional papers that you may need to refer to throughout the year such as a school calendar, trip schedule or class list.

Daily/Weekly Folder: will be for used for daily or weekly homework, weekly spelling tests, and everything needed for

Special Projects: will be used for correspondence regarding monthly book reports, special reports, science fair etc.

Colored Plastic Bins: use only if you find yourself keeping large amounts of art work, or projects etc. Go through this weekly though and consider taking a photo of your child with the art work or project so you can toss the paper while keep a wonderful memory of this time in his/her school life.

When school starts, spend a few minutes each day with your child and decide what, if anything, needs to go into their folders. Praise them, and yourself, for staying organized as you celebrate this next school year.


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