Bass Fishing Tips: Size Doesn’t Matter

Size Does Not Matter

The size of your lure doesn’t necessarily dictate the size of the bass you’ll catch. A large-mouth bass will strike a lure that is anywhere from 25% to 50% of its length. So if you are using large lures, you can still catch small bass. If you’re not producing anything on your lures, try a smaller lure and see if that can cause some bites.

Try Some Live Bait

A lot of anglers don’t like to use live bait, but when lures aren’t producing, it can be a great way to catch a nice bass. Shiners usually have the best luck when hooked through both lips, or just behind the top dorsal fin. Worms, crayfish and even frogs are great artificial bait alternatives. Make sure you use a slip bobber, so you can adjust the depth of your bait without having to sacrifice casting ability.


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