Bass Lures Simplified

Most bass fishing anglers own enough artificial lures to fill a small tackle store. Yet a bass angler only needs a handful of baits to catch bass on most waterways. Tackle manufacturers prey on the fact that anglers are like children in a candy store, everything looks good! If we stay focused on the task at hand we can save a lot of money and still catch as many bass as the next angler. To help us stay focused, let’s simplify what an angler needs to catch bass by breaking a waterway down into three water columns and then the lures needed in those water columns.

These three water columns apply to lakes, ponds and river systems. The surface column is everything three feet deep or less. The bottom column is everything within three feet of the bottom. What’s left is the middle column, which is all the water between the surface and the bottom water columns. The majority of bass will be in one of these three water columns based on time of year and time of day. Our lure presentations should be based on the water column we think the most bass are in.



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  1. Mike R. says:

    Great stuff! This is very informative and easy to read.

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