Beware of these 4 Pet Dangers!

The advent of summer brings everyone outdoors, including pets. This is also the time of year for a spike in vet visits!

Here are a few tips to prevent pet injuries so you and your furry pal can enjoy the warm weather!

Stagnant Water

What do kiddie pools, sitting puddles, and bird baths have in common? Sitting water often contains bacteria that is harmful to both people and their pets. Dogs and cats who drink from stagnant water are susceptible to developing leptospirosis, a bacterial infection leading to kidney failure or death. Refresh outdoor water bowls every few hours and wash them daily.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Animals are drawn to some lawn chemicals and plant food. They may ingest them directly or by eating grass or drinking contaminated water (think dog dish left out while you sprayed your lawn with turf builder). If you must use chemicals, make sure your pet is kept away during application and for a time afterwards. Always monitor your animal and pay attention if your pet seems drawn to a particular part of your yard and research potted plants before placing in an area where your pet may have access.

Auto Maintenance Supplies

Pets are also drawn to items stored in your garage or shed. This is especially true of the sweet smell and taste of antifreeze that contains ethylene glycol. Keep all auto supply material away from pets and never leave your pet unattended in a garage.

Ant & Mouse Traps

The poison found in most chemical traps are dangerous to pets. To avoid injury from trip-wire traps or chemicals from glue traps, keep pets away from access to these items. Make sure to limit where your pet roams, since neighbors may use materials that could harm your pet.

Remember to monitor your pets access to your picnic table too! Pets can get sick on summer party foods such as avocados, grapes, onions, and nuts!

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