“Bill Nye the Science Guy” Issues Challenge to NASCAR

Many NASCAR fans are aware that the sanctioning body has been actively promoting conservation for a number of years, dating back to the formation of “NASCAR Green” in 2008. This initiative brought about collaboration among race teams, tracks, partners, employees, and fans, with an objective of reducing racing’s environmental impact and promoting sustainable behavior as a core fan value. From recycling of race tires and engine oil, to collection and recycling of bottles and cans at events, NASCAR is confident that it’s making a measurable difference in promoting responsible choices for the country’s environment.

As part of its “NASCAR Green” initiative, the organization is taking steps to reduce greenhouse emissions through the use of Sunoco Green E15 fuel, and has seen renewable energy concepts coming into effect at various tracks around the circuit, primarily in the form of solar energy at several tracks. That’s just a few of the initiatives that NASCAR has undertaken as part of “a holistic approach across its wide-ranging effort to protect the environment.”

battery operated carDespite the steps that have been taken, quirky television personality and former science show host Bill Nye has expressed disappointment over NASCAR’s lack of emphasis on promoting the use of electrical vehicles in the sport. In a recent blog post, for example, the Emmy Award winning, live-action TV host threw down the gauntlet, saying “How about NASCAR becoming NESCAR (National Electric Stock Car Racing)?” Nye provides a somewhat compelling argument for his suggestion, citing fuel consumption, noise, and carbon dioxide emission as areas where environmental improvement could be achieved. He even goes on to describe how a pit stop would take place in an all-electric car race!

There are probably as many opinions about this issue as there are fans, but you must admit, it’s an intriguing thought! And with high-performance electric car makers like Tesla and Venturi making progressive strides in this area, the future may not be that far away. Take a look at Nye’s complete blog post on the subject and form your own point of view. Then, the next time you go to a race, try to visualize the field of competitors taking the green with virtually no noise!

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  1. Stu Degler says:

    I would be interested to see the response from NASCAR on the accusation that they continue in yesterday’s technology as compared to NASA which is creating new technology. I must think that many innovations developed for a competitive edge on the racetrack have found their way into the production of today’s automobile.

    There have been significant strides to reduce the weight of the components while increasing the component strength. There has been a major drive toward safety for the driver which I would also think has contributed to the safety for everyday drivers and passengers as well. Fuel efficiency has always been a major factor in winning a race which would have the racing engineers developing new blends which I would expect to have found their way to our vehicles.

    The above are a few quick examples of where I would expect the racing community to have improved our vehicles similar to the NASA innovations.

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