Budget Halloween Door Décor!

Halloween décor can be expensive, but you don’t have to break the budget to decorate your front entry!

Follow these cheap tips and tricks to dressing up your front door for Halloween from woohome.com!

To add a pop of color to your door, use a plastic table cloth. Then decorate as follows:

For a Frankenstein look-a-like, cut various size triangles out of black paper and tape to the top of the door for his “hair.” Add a “scar” from a zig-zag pattern cut from colored-paper.

For a Scary Monster welcome, add green fringes of colored streamers for his “hair” and add horizontal strips of “tape” over his “mouth.”

For a Three-Eyed Monster door, place single sheets of paper bags or tan wrapping paper over your door and rip out a square area for his “mount” in the lower part of your door. Add a few jagged “teeth” made from white paper. In the top part of the door, cut out one large “eye socket.” For eyes, take 3 small paper plates and add a colored-iris of blue to the middle. Place the eyes in the eye socket cut-out.

Your door does NOT have to be scary. To entice small children to trick-or-treat at your house, place an orange table cloth over your door. Add 2 black triangle “eyes” and a happy smile.

For an added touch of Scary…Take 10 toilet paper rolls. In each roll, cut out two “eyes” in the shapes of circles, half moons, triangles, or “angry eyes.” Place a glow stick inside and affix with tape. Place the rolls on bushes, plants, or low hanging trees by your front entry and watch as the peering “eyes” light up in the night.


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