Candle Pins

Dress up your old, worn out candles with push pin, candle accessories. These lovely finds come in all manner of shapes, sizes and colors, as well as various materials, including fabric, metals and wood.  Holidays and at the change of seasons are the perfect time to swap out the pins for theme specific décor.

Candle pins can be found in most craft and home improvement stores, but you can also make them from scratch using unique materials you have at home. For lighter materials such as fabrics or ribbons, a simple push pin works well to attach the finished project to the candle. For metal, wood, or any heavier accessory, you may need to use ribbon or string to affix it to your candle.

For an added touch of whimsy, add recycled single earrings, old broaches or jacket pins, arranged in a pattern, to give a candle new life. Buttons work well too, especially when glued to a piece of fabric and affixed with a straight pin.

Remember, even in cooler weather, candles can melt easily if exposed to direct sunlight coming from windows and skylights, so be mindful when placing candles around your space.


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