Cruising Amsterdam – An Intimate Way to Meet the City

Amsterdam, capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is considered one of the greatest small cities in the world.  From its famous canals and historical sites to world-class museums and restaurants, it’s a place offering superior vacation appeal.  Amsterdam is considered “The Venice of the North” due to its picturesque waterways.  There are four main city center canals and numerous smaller channels.  Canal cruises offer one of the most unique ways to visit the multicultural city. Amsterdam Canal Cruises is a popular tourist attraction providing scenes of the city from the perspective of its canals by day and night.  Choose from a variety of short cruises and schedules to make the most of your visit to Amsterdam.

DAYTIME CITY CANAL CRUISE – Frequent departures make this cruise a favorite of those wishing to explore the city from the perspective of its canals.  This cruise provides extraordinary views of Amsterdam’s delightful Renaissance architecture.  See the city’s famous luxurious canal houses with gabled facades, buildings with hallowed 17th-century charm, and others with a hip mix of modernity.  Relax aboard a comfortable vessel on a 75-minute city canal cruise featuring the highlights of Amsterdam by daylight.  Enjoy a personal audio tour, now available in 17 languages, to observe significant sites and to provide valuable historical information as you glide past beautiful landmarks.

EVENING CRUISE –Climb aboard for a 90-minute relaxing ride on the Blue Boat specialty line departing a short distance from the Amsterdam Canal Cruise docks.  Enjoy welcome drinks and delightful snacks as you capture the sunset and set sail for your evening cruise of Amsterdam.  Witness the illuminated cityscape drenched in gleaming lights to invoke a fairy-tale like feel of the city.   Float past quaint homes flanked in soft lights and navigate underneath charming bridges outlined in romantic lighting.   Personal Audio tours are available for those wishing to learn more about the city while delighting in the gleaming lights.

COMBINATION MUSUEMS & ATTRACTIONS – This package combines your canal cruise with a visit to a museum or main attraction and provides “fast lane” entrances wherever you go.  This combo can help save you money and is cheaper than purchasing separate tickets.  Choose from some of the following:

Cruise & Heineken Experience:   Step on board and head to Amsterdam’s historic brewery and corporate visitor center for the internationally distributed Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer.  Learn brewery history, how beer is made, and important aspects of distribution as you take an interactive tour through the beer giant’s former brewery.  Culminate your visit with a tasting room finale.

Cruise & Van Gogh Museum:  Travel to the museum housing the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings, drawings and letters.  The art museum is an Amsterdam favorite, dedicated to the life, history and works of the Dutch artist and his contemporaries.  Celebrate the extensive and beautifully bold collection of Van Gogh’s post-impressionist art, displayed inside the well maintained building.  Guided tours are recommended for those seeking historical insight of the workings and mindset of Vincent Van Gogh.  This is a must-see museum.

Cruise & Madame Tussauds:  Hop on the cruise taking you to Madame Tussauds famous and fun wax museum.  This popular tourist attraction is located along one of Amsterdam’s most famous town squares, Dam Square or simply the Dam.  Madame Tussauds is located in the Peek & Clopenburg Building, offering great outdoor photo opportunities.  Indoors, see a large collection of wax figures named for Madame Tussaud, a skilled master in waxworks who lived from 1761 to 1850.  Displays are equipped with multimedia effects which gives the museum amusement park appeal and adds visual interest.

Cruise & Amsterdam Dungeon:  This attraction is for those interested in dark Dutch history.  The attraction rests inside an historical church with neo-gothic elements visible from 1912.  During the transformation to a “dungeon”, several archeological discoveries were made.  The graves of 200 people buried in the chapel for centuries still remain under the church’s floor.  Walking through the dungeon, visitors will see short performances in horror-theatre style.  Actors are employed to perform in near darkness with emphasis on reenactments of historical events of terrifying nature, including mediaeval torture, the plague and more.  Here, history and fear walk hand-in-hand.  This attraction is not recommended for children and for those faint of heart.

Rijksmuseum & Cruise:   Set sail to arrive at one of the Netherland’s most cherished national museums dedicated to the arts and history.  The Rijksmuseum is located in Museumplein or Museum Square.  The spacious square owes its title to the many galleries located near the grounds, including the Van Gogh Museum.  Step foot inside the Rijksmuseum, which in English means The State Museum. Enter the 19th– century reconstructed Dutch neo-Renaissance style building showcasing Dutch Golden Age paintings and a vast European art collection.  Housed inside are over 8,000 fascinating objects of art and history.  Witness amazing masterpieces by talented artists including Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Jan Steen, and Johannes Vermeer and other greats.  Consider a guided tour to get to know the collections better. Be sure to explore the Asian pavilion featuring unique art made of wood, bronze, silver and stone.

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