DIY Organizing! Take our Keep or Release Test!

If you over-accumulate material things due to a lack of time or a failure to prioritize, don’t despair! There is hope for DIY organizing. Begin in one small space to conquer your clutter!

What should STAY and what should GO?

Test yourself.  Respond with whether or not you would keep or release each item, then check against our answers below: 

  1. Your wedding invitation
  2. A flat car tire
  3. Three copies of the same cookbook
  4. An heirloom watch
  5. Uncle Al’s old couch
  6. A sewing machine
  7. Old magazines
  8. Kids’ art projects
  9. Old bank statements
  10. Camping equipment


  1. Your wedding invitation – Keep (one or just few). Create a sentimental shadowbox display to preserve your invitation, along with a photograph of your wedding. Then, hang it on the wall. Throw away the remaining copies.
  2. A flat car tire – If no plans to immediately use and repair, release it. Take it to any tire place and pay a very small handling fee for disposal. The tire will be recycled into asphalt or other useful products. Never toss in the trash.
  3. Three copies of the same cookbook – Keep (one!) and give the other two to friends who like to cook. Or, sell or donate.
  4. An heirloom watch – Keep. Family heirlooms are generally sentimental and/or financially valuable. Or, re-gift to a close relative as a sentimental present.
  5. Uncle Al’s old couch – Release it if you don’t use it. Resist the temptation to store items you do not intend to use. If the item is an antique, sell it. If not, donate it. If the couch is simply a reminder of happy times with Uncle Al, bring it to a local dump.
  6. An inexpensive sewing machine – Release it if you do not use it. Donate or sell.
  7. Old magazines – If not collector items in great condition, release by donating for craft projects or recycle.
  8. Kids’ art projects – Release most of them. But before you do, consider creating an album of the artwork by taking photos and having them printed into keepsake books that take up much less space.
  9. Old bank statements – For tax purposes, people used to store statements for 7 years. However, it is no longer necessary to keep paper statements, since older records can be ordered from your bank.
  10. Camping equipment – Do you use it or plan to use it? If so, it’s a keeper. Otherwise, release by donating, selling, or giving it to friends who like to camp. Don’t allow it to get musty or rusty waiting for use.

Now that you get the idea, sort through your household items and be on your way to a neat and organized home!

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