Four Ultra-Spooky Halloween Party Ideas!

It’s the time of year when ghosts and goblins abound! Wow your party guests with these SPOOKtacular and easy crafty ideas for Halloween.

Candlestick Serving Display

Scour yard sales for an assortment of sturdy candlesticks of varying heights and search for an equal number of small food safe plates. Spray paint the candlesticks black. When dry, hot glue the base of the plates to the tops of the candlestick to create food servers. Cover your table with a lace tablecloth. Use your candlestick plate servers to display candies such as creepy peeper eyeballs, gummy mummies, chocolate fingers, candy bugs, and more! For that finishing touch, drape cobwebs around the table to create an eerie effect. Don’t forget to dim the lights a little and play scary music in the background to add haunting appeal.terra

Skeleton Serving Display

Here’s a bone-chilling idea! Cover a tablecloth with a solid orange or black tablecloth. Lay a large platter in the middle of the table. Assemble a skeleton of vegetables using a half-cauliflower or a bowl of dip as the head. Lay sliced cucumber or zucchini as the spine and add slices of red, green, or yellow peppers as the ribs. For the pelvis, add sliced mushrooms. Finally, add celery or carrots as legs with a bit of cauliflower or broccoli for the kneecap and feet! See womansday for more wonderful and crafty ideas!

You can also decorate the entire table. Buy a life-size plastic skeleton and lay it on the table, facing upward. Place bowls of dip inside the ribs and fill hollow areas of the skeleton with carrots, celery, and broccoli for dipping. Or fill with cheese, crackers and pepperoni or your favorite desserts such as mini cupcakes, cookies, cream puffs and cannoli. It’s a spine tingling idea your guests will die for! Just don’t eat the ribs by mistake.

Ghostly Decor

Make easy DIY ghosts using disposable solid white paper plates. This is an easy, inexpensive, and  fun craft to do with young kids. Here’s what you do; Take a white paper plate. With a pencil, trace the eyes and mouth of a ghost onto the plate. Using thick black markers or crayons, have the kids color the inside of the mouth and eyes. Glue or tape a series of long white streamers to the back and bottom portion of the plate. Hole-punch the top of the plate and attach string. Then, hang your ghost in the corner of the room. Turn on a small fan and watch your ghost fly!

Pumpkin Craft

Use three orange colored terra cotta planters in assorted sizes. Turn them upside down and trace a pumpkin face (regular or scary) onto the planters using a small marker. Fill in the pumpkin eyes, noses, and mouths using outdoor black paint. Hot glue artificial leaves and some naturally dried raffia ribbons to the top of the planters. To finish your Halloween themed terra cotta pumpkins, hot glue pumpkin stems made from tree branches to the top and center of the planters. Display on the front porch to welcome, or haunt, party guests and trick-or-treaters.

Happy Halloween! 

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