Go Organic for Dramatic Results!

In a study conducted last year by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the Palmberg family went completely organic for 21 days. The results were astonishing!

The experiment had the family of five consuming 100% organic foods and using 100% organic products such as hair products, toothpaste, and soaps. They also refrained from buying any non-organic materials including clothing, unless they were certified organic.

Researchers announced that the entire family experienced a dramatic drop in the traceable amounts of pesticides in their bodies within a few days, with some pesticides barely detectable within 24 hours. While science is still testing the effects of the long-term benefits of removing pesticides from our bodies, each of us should be aware of the pros and cons of choosing organic products.

Consider this:

Although proponents tout the nutritional value of organic products, science still lags in data regarding the overall long-term effects of an organic diet. However, for some, the reduction of additives and pesticides is reason enough to switch to buying or growing organic.

Another reason for organic over conventional food is that organic foods are free from genetically engineered or modified organisms (GE, or GMO). Research is emerging that shows unexpected health risks due to the consumption of GMOs. Since the National Organic Program (NOP) forbids the use of almost all synthetic animal drugs and antibiotics, your meat, milk, and dairy products are healthier.

Research is being conducted on chemicals such as cadmium, a toxic metal that has been shown to cause cancer, vascular disorders, kidney, and reproductive problems. Cadmium is found naturally in the environment, but human disruption of cadmium due to mining, smelting, and other industrial processes have caused the metal to spread into our soil and water systems. Organic soil has been shown to be less harmful when compared to traditional farming since the addition of municipal sewage sludge to agricultural soil has been shown to contain high levels of cadmium.


When making the choice to go organic, it is important to read food labels. Check to make sure that the products don’t contain large amounts of added sugar and sodium, since both can increase your risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Sugar and salt are also one of the biggest contributors of obesity in the United States.

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