Repurpose Old Tires

If you have any old tires crammed into your garage or unsightly stacked in your yard because you haven’t gotten around to taking them to the dump, why not kill two birds with one stone. Take back that valuable space and create something wonderful by repurposing that old rubber into works of art.

Grab a tire, turn it on its side, add a coat of paint and you have a great place to store your garden hose!  It will remain durable and retain its shape, unlike many expensive hose caddies.

Turn tires on their sides and stack them to create the perfect mini vegetable or herb garden by adding soil and mulch. Smaller tires can be easily screwed to fences or outdoor walls for use as planters or they can act as frames for unique pieces of driftwood or metal sculptures.

Tires make perfect outdoor tables too. Nail round pieces of wood or board to cover the holes, then glue rope or cording around the tire. If you prefer a higher table, stack two or more tires to the desired height, screwed together, and top off with a piece of painted or stained wood, plexi-glass or thin stone. And you can transform that tire into a beautiful ottoman by adding a pillow or cushion.

Kids will adore you for creating a fun play place. Simply place a tire on its side, on top of breathable landscape fabric and add sand to create a toddler size play area. Tractor tires make an even larger space for several kids to enjoy. And, if you already happen to have a tire hanging from a tree, but the kids are too old to swing, why not turn it into a hanging planter? First paint the swing, then add soil and flowers to the bottom. In dryer climates, like the southwest, succulents are especially lovely and help with water conservation too.

Finally, think holidays. Stack three tires atop each other. Cover the holes in a fourth tire with board or wood, then insert the top tire, sideways into the stacked tires. For winter, paint the tires white and decorate as a snowman. You can paint them orange or black to create a pumpkin or cat for Halloween. You can add decorations and accessories, depending on the season.

Regardless of how you repurpose those old tires, your outdoor space will be all the more beautiful.






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