Halloween Safety Tips for your Pet!

Halloween isn’t just for kids! If you are a pet parent, this can be a fun time of year for you and your furry friend!

Follow these safety tips to ensure a fun but safely spooky holiday!


Halloween is the day when kids all over the neighborhood will be knocking and ringing. If your pet is a barker, or becomes anxious at the sound of people at the door, consider putting your pet in a comfortable room at the back of the house, away from the noise. This is especially important if your pet becomes aggressive around strangers. However, some pets are used to people and are well-behaved around a crowd. If that is the case, you may prefer to sit outside and hand out candy. Make sure you put your pet on a leash, even if they don’t typically need one, to avoid them bolting away if the should become spooked.


Make sure to keep all candy and other Halloween treats away from your pet. Candy and gum may contain xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener that is harmful to cats and dogs. Make sure to keep Keep a few dog treats available and offer them to your pet during the evening.


If you use lighted candles in your carved pumpkins, make sure to keep them out of reach of your dog’s wagging tail or from your jumping kitty. If your pet becomes frightened, they may unintentionally knock over a candle.

Cats Indoors

Unfortunately, people can be cruel on Halloween and cats are often a target; especially black cats. Make sure to keep your kitty indoors. The

Outdoor Safety

If weather permits, you may walk your dog as your children go house to house trick-or-treating. Make sure to use a reflective collar or leash for maximum safety.

Costume or Not?

Choosing the perfect costume is the key to a successful celebration for some pet parents. Make sure the costume is not too bulky or tight. It should also be comfortable and not cut into your dog or cat’s skin. Your pet should be able to see, and it should fit so that your dog can walk. While fancy pet gowns or elaborate hot dog costumes are cute, they may cause your pet anxiety or discomfort. If your pet suffers from anxiety or is old or sick, skip the costume altogether. Never leave your pet in a costume, unattended as they may choke or otherwise harm themselves. Remove the costume after a time. If your pet chews or attempts to eat the costume, remove it immediately.



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