Health Hacks for the Workplace

When life is challenging, I try to hold true to basic, healthy practices. You know, that core belief system that holds it all together; the starting point from which we all figure out our own nutritional style of eating.  Sleep, water, movement, and more.

These are the choices I make, and live by.  And this is how I work with my clients to keep them in top performance.

Here’s your foundation for a healthy lifestyle!

  • Stay hydrated. Start drinking water early in the day — at least one full glass right when you wake up — and keep it up until mid-afternoon. This helps you stay energized, keeps cravings at bay, and puts you in touch with your body’s true needs.  And starting early helps ensure your sleep isn’t interrupted with trips to the bathroom. I love Essentia water for its ultra hydrating effect.
  • Watch the caffeine. Some of us can tolerate one cup of coffee, but it can create inflammation or anxiety in others. Try swapping out your coffee for a caffeinated tea, like green tea, guayusa (Runa brand) or yerba mate for a more gentle lift.
  • Stay in motion. It’s easy to get stuck behind the desk or book yourself solid with conference calls. Allow time in between meetings to get up and move around, do some squats or sneak out for a breath of fresh air.  Take your calls on the go, invest in a stand-up desk, or keep handheld weights around to get some toning in.
  • Eat the rainbow. Keeping fresh fruits and veggies around provides healthier lunch or snack options, and because they digest faster you won’t get weighed down by a big meal. I never leave home without an apple, some fresh cut veggies, or a green juice to go.
  • Eat healthy proteins.  It’s important to keep your energy high, after all, you have a lot to accomplish in a day. Take along a small protein snack for mid-day to provide all the staying power you need. Some days I tote a protein smoothie, and other days a hard boiled egg or a few nuts. I love raw cashews, almonds, or a DIY trail mix will make me really happy at about 3pm.


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