How to Improve your Relationship with your Dog!

Sometimes, you may not realize that your relationship with your beloved dog is not what is used to be and not as fulfilling as it could be.

Whether its stress from work that makes it hard for you to relax at home, or caregiving duties that make it difficult to find the time to spend time with your furry friend, here are a few tips on getting your relationship back on track!

Quality not Quantity

If time is an issue, even five minutes spent with your best furry friend can have an impact on both of you. The simple act of sitting together and petting him lets him know that you care. It can also help relieve your stress and put you in a better frame of mind. It also significantly decreases your pet’s stress levels and assures him of  your affection.


Even if you are busy, simply talking to your pet will show her that you care. Encourage her to accompany you to your room as you get ready for the day, or get ready for bed. Talk to her as you eat breakfast or when you let her out in the yard. Be consistent with your signals so they don’t become confused about your feelings. Getting mad at him for jumping on the couch one day but letting him lay there the next may cause him to feel unsure of your feelings. Always remain calm when interacting with your pet.

Be playful

Make an effort to take walks, throw a ball, or read your dog a book. Yes, a book! It doesn’t matter what you do with your pet, but playful interaction shows your pet that you care. Studies have shown that dogs who have playful interaction with their human parents are better trained.


The time you spend training your puppy shows that you care about him. Make sure to be proactively training your puppy every day. Offer positive encouragement when he does something right and provide consistent correction – without yelling – when he does something wrong. Rewards are helpful but make sure it is only offered when your pup has consistently listened.



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