How to Organize Your Closet

Does the thought of cleaning out your closet send a shiver down your spine? If only you knew where that warm wool sweater was. Decluttering your wardrobe is a task that often gets pushed onto Future You, but not any more. Today we are going to tackle this chore head-on, and who knows, maybe you will find an old shirt that’s back in style or some great pieces you can sell at a local consignment shop.

Health Benefits of Decluttering

You don’t need to overhaul your life like you’re on an episode of “Hoarders” to reap the benefits of decluttering. Something as simple as organizing your closet can have a huge impact on you mentally and physically.

Clean Closet, Clean Mind: According to Psychology Today, living with clutter makes it harder for us to relax while inhibiting our creativity and productivity. Clutter can take our attention away from the things we should be focused on, causing us to procrastinate and our minds to wander. If you’re having trouble concentrating or often find yourself frenzied, organizing a small part of your environment can help.

Less physical and emotional stress: When you are surrounded by messy spaces it can take a toll on your health. A study conducted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin determined women with cluttered homes had increase levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – and reported being depressed and fatigued more often than their tidy peers. Returning to a messy home and a long to-do list could cause cortisol levels to remain high all day, impacting your sleep, mood, and weight. If you don’t have time to tackle all the projects on your to-do list, a quick 10-second tidy can reduce stress and boost your mood.

Fresh start: January is always associated with change and fresh starts. For me, even though my school days are behind me, September brings a similar feeling. I think about it as New Year’s 2.0. Whether you get this feeling at the start of a new month, new week, or a new day, it’s the perfect time to seize that energy and go through your closet to purge the old to welcome the new. It’s time to toss those old sweats that remind you of your university crush, and donate the riding boots you’ve only worn once – to a Western bar – and create a new, clean space for all the wonderful memories yet to be made.

Strategies for Cleaning out Your Closet

Once you’ve committed to organizing your closets and dressers, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Start by taking a deep breath, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and following these steps to a clutter-free wardrobe.

Cleaning Out The Closet - Organize Your Closet

Keep It, Toss It, Donate It, Sell It

Designate an area to put everything from your closet and dressers; we recommend using your bed to avoid having to bend or crouch on the floor. Once everything is removed from your closet and dresser drawers, it’s time to begin sorting.

Clothes in your laundry basket is an automatic keep; they have obviously been worn recently and are part of your weekly rotation. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn an item in over a year, it’s time to part with it. Before you toss something, inspect it for holes, fraying seams, missing buttons, etc. If the pieces are still in good condition, consider putting them in the donation pile and bringing them to a local charity such as Dress for Success or Goodwill. Brand-name pieces that you no longer wear or use can often be resold online or at a consignment shop. Still not sure what you should do with a piece? Use our handy flowchart to help you decide!

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