How to Stop Wardrobe Packing Bloopers!

Women tend to spend big bucks on their wardrobe – averaging anywhere from $1,800 to $4,800 per year. From this statistic, it’s clear that most women wish to look and feel their best. However, traveling can be challenging for clothes.

Organize your suitcase to avoid wardrobe packing bloopers:

Luggage Cost & Airport Surprises

  • Instead of jam-packing your luggage, be selective in what you bring. Cramming your clothes causes wrinkles. Watch airline luggage weight restrictions or you’ll risk tipping the scale.
  • Consider packing into vacuum compression storage bags. While it improves storage space in luggage up to 70%, watch the weight of your luggage which builds quickly.
  • If your suitcase must go through security, keep toiletries in a clear pouch on the outside pocket of your luggage. Be sure everything is tightly sealed to avoid spilling or leaking products onto your clothes.
  • Never pack valuables into your luggage. For costume jewelry, use jewelry pouches to avoid tangles, lost earrings, or snagging on clothes.
  • When traveling with a spouse, put half of your luggage into his bag and vice/versa. That way if one of the sets of luggage are lost, you’ll still have something to wear. If you are traveling with children, make sure to carry on an extra change of clothes and also separate out a few extra outfits into each adult bag in case of lost luggage.

Wrinkles & Maximizing Luggage Space

  • Carefully fold and roll your clothes to minimize wrinkles. Or, wrap clothes in tissue paper to cushion fabrics. The texture of the tissue paper helps to prevent garments from mashing together.
  • To save room in your luggage, roll and pack your socks into your shoes. It will keep the shoes from becoming misshapen during travel.
  • While cotton is comfortable, the fabric can wrinkle easily. For an easy alternative, pack clothes made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Nylon, Lycra, Polyester, and Liquid Knit are safe choices. Pack clothes which are easy to mix or match. If you’re not breaking out in a sweat, you may opt to wear things more than once. Bring accessories such as a belt or statement necklace to change up the look.
  • When taking your shower at the hotel, bring your wrinkled apparel into the bathroom. Allow the warm shower steam mist to un-wrinkle your garment. Or, pack a mini-steamer if room allows. Make sure you have the proper electrical adapter for outlets when going overseas.

At your Destination

  • Unpack your clothes once you arrive at your destination. It may seem like a pain-in-the neck, but don’t leave things sitting in your suitcase as items may have shifted during travel to create new wrinkles.
  • Carefully hang suits, pants, jackets, dresses, and blouses. Avoid wire hangers whenever possible as they may dimple or crease clothes. Wooden or plastic ones will work. Fabric covered and space-saving hangers are optimal.
  • Avoid hanging sweaters the normal way in order to prevent the fibers from splitting. Instead, fold the sweater onto a pants hanger. Here’s how: Fold the sweater in half lengthwise. Lay the folded sweater onto a flat surface. Turn and face the corner seam of the sweater, where the underarm meets the sweater’s body, towards you. Place a hanger hook side down, allowing the hook to stick out below the center of the seam. Carefully fold and tuck the bottom of the body of the sweater onto the hanger. Repeat the process for the arm.
  • Check ahead to see if dry cleaning or laundry services are available. These may allow you to pack more conservatively.
  • Wash your clothes, if you can, or use a laundry service if available and affordable. If not, bring two bags for transporting dirty clothes home. Use them to separate worn light or dark clothes. This helps to avoid contact between clean and dirty clothes in your luggage and makes it easier to wash clothes once home.
  • Carry a portable stain remover pen which instantly removes fresh food and drink stains from most clothing. Or, write a memo to self about clothing stains – example: Blue blouse; grease mark; left of third button from top. When you get home, you’ll know right where to treat the stain.


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