Is your Medicine Safe?

Before popping that pill, you might want to confirm that it has not been recalled. A few of the commonly used medications that have been recalled this year include:

Melatonin Control- Released Tablets, 60 tablets- Manufactured by Douglas Laboratories. Lot #50032151 WHY: Bottles contained a digestive enzyme instead of melatonin.

Pyrola, 430mg capsule, Advanced Joint Formula -Manufactured by G&C Natural Nutrition, Inc.  All Lots  WHY: Capsules may contain undeclared Diclofenac (NSAID) and Chlorpheniramine (antihistamine).

Mucinex Fast Max and other Mucinex Products -Manufactured by RB (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) (see affected product list at website below) WHY: Front label product descriptions listing active ingredients may not have the correct corresponding drug facts label on the back, resulting in ingestion of undeclared levels of Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine and/or Diphenhydramine.

Smart Lipo 800, 900, 950mg capsules – Manufactured by SmartLipo365 WHY: undeclared Sibutramine (appetite suppressant withdrawn in the US market in 2010 due to increase in blood pressure), Desmethylsibutramine , and Phenolphthalein (not approved for use in the US market).

For more information visit the US Food and Drug Administration website at  The site contains information for both voluntary and mandated recalls, as well as the reason for the recall. You can also sign up to receive recall email alerts.

Concerned about other product recalls?  You can filter the search by keyword or by type, such as drugs, food, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics and animal health.


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