It’s Not All About the Money

For a long time, I was offended at how much time the church spent on preaching about tithing.  But once I began to tithe (yes, 10% of my income), I started to “get it”. Ironically, it’s not all about the money. Understanding God’s heart about tithing is the key to uncovering our place in His plan for His kingdom.

Matthew 6:23 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God, and when we do that, all things should fall into place. Seeking the kingdom is about putting God’s business before our own, being concerned about what He cares about and continually checking our priorities to make sure they align with His. While Malachi 3:10 does tell us to “bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be food in it”, tithing is so much more than ten cents off the dollar.

Gods design for the tithe is that we give Him the very best of everything in our lives, not only income, but the first of our everything; including our time and talents. Sitting in a pew an hour or so every Sunday morning doesn’t cut it. We need to give Him real time. Time alone with just you and God. But how do we do this? Try setting the alarm ten minutes early to read a few verses of the bible. No checking email, social media or the news until you read and pray. I found that God cleared paths for me that I don’t believe would have been possible had I not given Him the first of my day, before any other distractions could take away from what He wanted me to hear from Him.

God also needs your talent. Remember, talent is not limited to singing in the choir, eloquent preaching or missionary work. Actually, most of us have talents that are not readily apparent. For some, He gives a talent for compassion, or for encouraging the weary. For others, it is the gift of working with children in the nursery or troubled youth on the streets. And for some, their talent is in their profession; medical missions, offering oil changes to single moms or helping someone find a job. If you are like a lot of people who believe that they have absolutely nothing to offer, I can assure you, God has already given it to you. It is your job to pray about it, find out what your talent is, and most importantly, uncover how God wants you to use your talent to bless others.

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