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Summer is a great time to make use of your outdoor space, but the lack of a traditional back yard may cause you to think twice before venturing outside. Don’t despair. You may have overlooked other areas that could work just as well, such as the side of your house or a front porch. Even that unsightly, dirt patch can be made into an inviting space with a little imagination and a few bags of crushed rock, and a boring slab of concrete can be transformed into an amazing place to entertain family and friends.

First, make sure to get rid of any garbage that may be cluttering valuable outdoor real estate. Once it is removed, you’ll be amazed at the available space. Next, imagine how you would like your outdoor space to look. If you love to entertain, you may envision a picnic area and a spot for a grill.  For those who prefer to cater to their artistic side; a table for gardening, crafting or painting, along with storage for supplies would provide the setting to get those creative juices flowing.  Children will be thrilled with a sand or water play area or a place to build a fort. And a comfy chaise lounge nesting under an umbrella, flanked with a low side table creates the perfect get away if your dream space is a quiet place to read.

In the absence of a deck or patio, you can create a visually defined space using rocks or plants as a separation. Containers of any size, shape or material make lovely flower gardens. Succulents, cactus and other low maintenance plants bring beauty to your space and are ideal for water conservation.

Don’t worry about a lack of money, as a little creativity goes a long way. Logs, tree stumps, boulders or blocks offer alternative seating options. Even old tires can be repurposed into planters or seating benches. Yard or garage sales are a great place to negotiate prices down on used lawn chairs and outdoor furniture, especially since a weathered and worn look is very popular these days.







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