Organize your Handbag for a Carefree Summer!

Ladies, listen up! It’s time for that seasonal change of handbags. Banish handbag disorganization forever with these fab tips!

  • Keep handbag clutter to a minimum. Only carry what you use and need. Leave the rest at home.
  • Use handbags with built-in organizers to avoid one big dumping ground.
  • If your handbag lacks dividers, purchase a handbag organizer insert to keep items in place.
  • Always return items to the same place, such as coupons and keys, so you’ll know right were to find them.
  • Carry a smaller key chain with the keys you need.
  • Slim down your wallet by only carrying cards you plan to use.
  • Skip handling store paper receipts and use email to reduce paper clutter.
  • Opt for coupons which can be accessed via your smartphone.
  • Use a cosmetic makeup pouch to carry loose accessories.
  • Keep makeup contents to a minimum; one lipstick in a neutral shade is all you need.
  • Avoid duplicates; carry one pen, one tissue pack, etc.
  • Value the real estate space of your handbag by using travel size perfumes, tissues, etc.
  • Use apps to store your loyalty and membership cards and quit carrying the bundle.
  • Think space-saving and in lieu of carrying a large hairbrush, pack a narrow comb.
  • Take meds? Use a small resealable pill organizer to carry your daily supply. Restock as necessary.
  • Don’t clutter your handbag with your kids’ stuff. If they’re old enough, let them wear fanny packs to carry their own toys and treats.
  • Eliminate trash, such as empty candy and gum wrappers.
  • Avoid dumping loose coins directly into your handbag; use a change purse to be emptied periodically.
  • Seasonally review what you’re carrying to continually look for clever ways to lighten your loa

These tips will work for your briefcase too! Even if you only use a handful of these tips, you are sure to enjoy a more organized handbag!

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