Pillows 101: Inexpensive Tips to Add Elegance with Ease!

Pillows are often overlooked as an inexpensive yet easy way to add a splash of fun and elegance to your space. They can add a pop of color or highlight the theme of the room!

Women are often teased for putting too many throw pillows on the bed. This has been a recurring theme in family television comedies, along with the husband saying “Why bother making the bed since we’re just going to sleep in it again tonight?” One child looked at the throw pillows on his parent’s bed and quipped, “Your room has so many pillows that it’ll give the tooth fairy a nervous breakdown!”

It may be true that an overload of decorative pillows can be a nuisance. After all, who wants to spend 10 minutes moving pillows just to climb into bed at night when they’re tired? Right? Wrong! When done right, those complaints can be easily erased by the luxury and beauty throw pillows offer to bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms and more!

Throw pillows are inexpensive ways to add color, style, patterns, and comfort to any room. They serve to enhance the décor by increasing charm and transforming dull and unimaginative rooms into something spectacular!

Color – Choose colors which go well your overall décor. For example, if your room is blue; go with a complimentary shades. Colors don’t have to match exactly, but they must flow.

Style – There are all different styles and sizes of pillows, from standard squares to round or oblong. They can range from simple square design to frilly with fringes. Go for a variety to add interest to a room.

Fabrics – From silk to leather, pillows come in a huge variety of materials and textures. Consider not only what looks good on the outside, look towards durability, how easy the fabric is to clean, and what type of fill is inside.

Patterns – From stripes to florals to polka-dots, there are patterns galore. Keep within the same color family, or choose a complementary contrasting shade. Choose patterns carefully. Break up patterns with solids or go bold placing pattern on pattern (just be sure that they transition well in order to avoid pattern overload or gaudiness.)

Create “pillowscapes”, or a multitude of overlapping pillows, to add vibrancy and interest to your room’s décor. It can breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank.

Tip: When displaying small pillows, keep them on the outside to avoid burying them below larger or showier pillows. Go from larger to smaller in your display as you move outward.

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