Setting Goals- How to Increase your Chance for Success!

Are you lucky?

Some people succeed by chances of fate, such as being at the right place at the right time. A woman walking down the street who out of nowhere gets discovered by a top modeling agency and becomes a famous runway model is an example. Some would define that chance meeting as luck, while others believe it’s divine intervention. Whatever you call it, those instances are rare. Dreams of instant success are fun, but not realistic. To achieve your goal of a clean and tidy space, it will take some hard work and determination, coupled with letting go of unrealistic expectations. You will also need to stop comparing yourself and your house to others!

Or, are you like everyone else?

The vast majority of people who wish to succeed in life need to set goals and work towards achieving them. When taking classes in school, students set forth positive objectives of learning and earning good grades. They expect tests, and in order to do well must attend classes, complete assignments, and study. The final goals, to learn and get A’s, doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process which involves hard work, and the devotion of time, energy, and effort. A tidy home requires the help and commitment of everyone who live in the space.

Where do we start?

Most people begin life’s journeys by soul searching and researching to arrive at fields of interest. This helps to lay out paths that they will enjoy and be good at performing. Once a person knows what they want to do, one must devise plans and set those plans into action. Our goals give us focus and direct us along the way. For example, a person wanting to become a doctor prepares by: earning good grades in high school, attending college, going to medical school, and becoming licensed and employed. As the person moves from undergraduate school to med school to residency and fellowship, they set up timelines containing of a series of major and minor goals in order to arrive at the topmost goal of becoming a doctor.

What holds people back?

People who fail to set goals deny fulfillment of dreams and ambitions. There is a plethora of reasons which may prevent a person from establishing goals. They run the gamut from fear of commitment to pure laziness. However; those who fall into this unfortunate category are doing themselves great disserve, for the most successful people set their eyes on the prize and do their best to win it. This is evident by example. Prosperous business leaders, effective politicians, and famous athletes employ combinations of short and long term ambitions to stay on task, excel in their fields, and become prosperous. Most assess their God given talents and use that as a springboard to achieve greatness, such as a talented baseball player who delivers his team to a win in the World’s Series. The same principle can be applied to keeping your home clean, organized, and clutter-free.

How can knowing this help you? Based on what you’ve read, ask yourself direct questions. Reflect upon your answers and use them to guide you on the right path in order to increase your probability of success.

Sample questions:

  • What path do you wish to take in life?
  • What are your long and short term goals?
  • What is the best way to achieve them?
  • Are you utilizing your God-given talents?
  • Are you at peace with your choices?
  • How strongly do you wish to achieve your goals?
  • Are you willing to set forth the time and energy it takes to create your own success?

An essential task:

It’s important to keep a list of goals written down where you can see them. Seeing your ambitions on paper provides motivation and hope. Additionally, create a calendar for exclusive use in marking your goals. This can be done manually or on-the computer, as long as your calendar is easily visible and accessible. Add daily, weekly, and monthly goals and modify your plan as needed. It is a great way to track progress and measure success. It is much like saving money every month and watching your bank account grow. Occasionally, glance back to see how far you’ve come. Be sure to pat yourself on the back for each and every goal you’ve achieved.


Keep a poster board with inspiring ideas of pictures with spaces that make you feel good. Whether it be an organized pantry, a sparkling bathroom, or a tidy office, visualizing your space in the way you want it to be will give you the extra incentive you need to fulfil your goals!

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