Simple and Easy Holiday Décor!

Sometimes the simplest décor can be found right outside your door.

Holiday decorations don’t need to break the bank, nor do they require blow-up Santa’s or ornamental lighting.

Some of you are lucky enough to live near the woods, where all manner of Christmas décor can be found in the local flora. Pinecones and downed branches of evergreens make wonderful door trim, and are the perfect material for wreaths. Others live atop mesas full of cacti and succulents, or near beaches packed with varieties of beach grasses. No matter where you live, you will be pleasantly surprised at the various flora you can gather to add beauty to your holiday.

Search for these natural décor materials in your own backyard:

Ever green cuttings, ivy vines, magnolia leaves, grape vines, succulent cuttings, Holly berries, cedar leaves, Christmas tree cuttings, evergreen tree cuttings, corn husks, dried wheat, beach grasses, Spanish moss, and more. 

Tips for the discriminating decorator

  • Don’t be shy! Ask the local Christmas tree lots if you can collect some of their scrap cuttings.
  • Keep it simple. A bowl full of pine cones or shells can be transformed by adding several holiday bells or an ornament!
  • Sometimes, less is more! Use your tree or mantle as the focal point and concentrate your décor on that item!
  • Add a punch of holiday color to your simple décor by adding a pillow to your couch or by laying a holiday throw along the back of the couch.

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