Take Charge of Asthma!

Learn how to manage your symptoms and take back your life!

Remove these!

Common asthma triggers are often found in our bedrooms. Make a clean sweep of your room by removing decorative pillows and throw blankets. If possible, remove your carpeting and replace with a laminate or tile floor. Allergens love to hide deep in your carpet and they become airborne with each step you take. However, if that is not possible, vacuum often. It is best to wash your blankets once a week. Cover heavier bedspreads with a sheet that can be washed weekly. Keep window coverings to a minimum and avoid curtains or drapes that store dust mites and pollen. Finally, keep windows closed and don’t allow animals into the room.

Diet ,Mediterranean Style!

Studies have shown that a diet high in whole grains, fish, and lean proteins can significantly reduce the symptoms of asthma. Cook with olive oil instead of vegetable oil and add plenty of beans, such as kidney, lima, garbanzo, and chickpeas, as well as peas. These foods are high in antioxidants and help keep you feeling your best. This is especially true if you feel a cold coming.


Make sure to visit your doctor to be tested for the best methods to help you manage your asthma symptoms. If you are unhappy with one doctor, visit several to be sure you feel comfortable discussing your health concerns. Keep a short list of questions so that you can get the most out of each visit. It may be necessary to take medication for your symptoms. Be sure to keep your inhaler on hand for days when you may need it!


A healthy lifestyle is key to managing the effects of asthma. Get up, move around. You don’t have to become a long-distance runner in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It may seem silly, but many people with asthma continue to smoke, inhale e-cigs, drink, or hang around people who do those things. Second hand smoke is also detrimental to the lungs of someone with asthma. Sleep is also extremely important. An adult needs an average of 7 hours of sleep to maintain maximum health.

It is up to YOU to take control of your life! Ask your doctor for the best ways to treat your asthmatic symptoms.

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