Tips for Bass Fishing in the Rain

Typically, rain keeps a lot of fisherman inside. Weather conditions are not pleasant, lakes are muddy, and vision is limited. But, fishing in the rain actually presents some good opportunities to catch bass. Here are some tips to catch more bass in the rain: 

Rain causes darker conditions to fish, which effects the bass’s vision. Forget proper technique and finesse lures in the rain. In muddy conditions, use lures that create lots of noise and vibration in order for the bass to easily find. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, buzzbaits, switchblade jigs, and crankbaits are all good examples of lures that provide significant sound and vibration. Avoid frog lures. With the surface of the water rippling from the rain, frogs do not make a noticeable disturbance. Cover as much water as possible.  In clearer waters, use darker lures. Blue and black combinations tend to work very well.

Watch the lake levels. Depending on your area, rain and flooding can cause the lake levels to change rapidly. When the water levels rise, bass tend to migrate to the shallows to avoid bright sunlight and silt. To monitor a lakes water level, you can simply use a marked pole, or water spots on a bridge. Find the shallow areas of the lake.

Before you head out in the rain, make sure you are prepared. A good quality rain jacket will help keep you comfortable and dry as your fish. You can invest in a good quality leak-proof rain suit at your local sporting goods store. Even if it is not raining out, you should always be prepared. Spring weather can change at any moment!

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