Tips to Catch More Prespawn Bass!

Early spring is one of the best times to catch bass. As spring advances, bass start preparing for the spawning season. This is what’s referred to as the pre-spawn. During this time, bass eat as much as they can, which makes it a great time to fish. The pre-spawn starts when the water reaches about 50 degrees. Typically, bass start to spawn when the water reaches 60-70 degrees. Here are some tips to catch more bass during the pre-spawn season:

Lures. During the pre-spawn, bass are not too picky about food. Finesse Worms, Crankbaits, Jig & Craws, and suspending jerkbaits will all give you success on the water. Suspending jerkbaits and crankbaits are typically the most popular prespawn bass lures.

Pay attention to the weather. If the sun is out, look for areas that provide good shade. Warm rain warms up a lake faster than air temperature.

Different areas of the lake will warm up at different times. In the early spring, fish the North-west corner of your lake or reservoir. This is where the water temperature will be the warmest.

Concentrate on shallow areas that provide good cover from the rain. Logs, tree branches, weeds rocks are all great places to look. The right spot can hold a whole school of bass! Generally, largemouths can be found in 2 – 10 feet of water.

Don’t keep moving once you’ve caught a fish. Pay attention to where you found it. Just because you caught one good fish, does not mean that the rest are gone. Keep fishing that spot until you think they’re done biting.

Shelfs are great places to fish for bass. A shelf is any drop off located off a bank. The benefit of a shelf is that it gives the bass a way to move to and from the shallows in search of food. Find a cove or inlet that has a shelf running near the bank.

Once the spawning season begins, bass go for long periods of time without food to spawn and guard their beds. Check out our “Tips to Catch More Fish During the Spawning Season”.

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