Topwater Bass Fishing Tips

Topwater Bass Fishing is one of the most popular casting techniques. As we approach summer and the bass move to and from their spawning beds, anglers take full advantage of topwater fishing opportunities! While the summer months are the most effective time for topwater fishing, with the right conditions and lure selection, you can take advantage of topwater fishing in the spring. Here are some effective topwater baits to use when you’re out on the water:


Frogs are great topwater lures throughout the summer and post spawn. Frogs tend to attract the larger female bass. When fishing frogs, fish mats of grass, willow trees, docks, lily pads, etc. Use lines that have a lot of strength and can cast far.


Poppers are a very popular topwater lure. Poppers are concaved in the front so when pulled, creates a “slurp” sound of bass surface feeding on minnows. This noise entices the fish and draws other fish in from further away. Poppers allow anglers to cover water quickly. Banks, shallow flats, logs, stumps, are all general places to fish poppers. Use a medium action bait casting tackle.

Propeller Baits

Propeller baits cause a maximum disturbance on the surface. These lures are best used when the water is choppy or stained and a lot of noise is needed to catch the fish’s attention. Use a pull stop action retrieve. Fish in broad areas and small targets.

Walking Baits

Walking baits cut trails along banks, rock beds, docks, etc. Use medium action baitcasting tackle. When done properly, the bait should make a zig-zag action.


Buzzbaits can be used almost all year long and are great for catching the bigger bass. They are a great resource for covering larger areas of water quickly.

Lure choice and presentation vary based on the conditions. Some days, bass prefer one type of bait over the other. Learn when certain topwater lures work, and which is right for your particular circumstance.


  • Topwater fishing is often done in clear waters. Take extra precautions to avoid spooking the bass by approaching your area slowly and keeping your distance.
  • Do not work topwater baits too fast. Wait 15-20 seconds before starting your retrieve.
  • Dawn and Dusk are good times to use topwaters. In early spring, afternoon is best.

If you have any other tips, please share them below!

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